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Play hard to find games like Carcassonne + Carcassonne - Hunters & Gatherers, Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, TransAmerica and many more...
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Play many different games online. Welcome to, the place to find online versions of the world's greatest games. To start, simply choose your favorite game from the list (at left) and get ready to have some fun! There are games for every type of player, whether you want to play solo (try the Arcade!) or against others. Make new buddies, or send e-mail to friends and family and lay down a challenge. We're also adding new games all the time, so make sure you add to your list of favorite websites and visit often!
Play miniature golf. Can you beat my best score of 23?
[2686]Texas 42Games/Gaming
The domino game 42 is similar in strategy to the card game Bridge; however, it is not as complicated. Some folks say 42 (also called Texas 42) was conceived by a lad in east Texas because his parents would not let him play cards; others say 42 originated in Georgetown (central Texas). The most widely publicized story, however, says 42 started in Garner, Texas in 1887 (see Q/A30).
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Our mission is to be the most essential global Internet service for consumers and businesses. How we pursue that mission is influenced by a set of core values - the standards that guide interactions with fellow Yahoos, the principles that direct how we service our customers, the ideals that drive what we do and how we do it. Many of our values were put into practice by two guys in a trailer some time ago; others reflect ambitions as our company grows. All of them are what we strive to achieve every day.