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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has set up a new website ( where US residents can obtain free copies of their credit reports from the three major credit report bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian). The FTC site was set up as part of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act enacted last December. The site was set up in an effort to help fight the increasing threat of identity theft. The credit reports must be ordered from the FTC site to get them for free. If you order your credit report directly from one of the credit report agencies' sites, you'll be charged a fee for the report.
Anonymizer is a leader in internet identity protection providing computer privacy, anonymous web surfing, email, anonymous proxy servers, anti spyware utilities, anonymous surfing, and anti virus programs
 BugMeNot was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information (such as the New York Times).
 Clever Proxy
This website allows you to type in any website address and we will serve it to you through our servers. This allows you to remain far more anonymous than you normally would be surfing the internet. There are literally hundreds of similar proxy websites across the internet, however, the majority of these proxies are often very slow. Most proxies run on slow servers amongst many other sites. At peak times, these other proxies generally slow down to a crawl or don't work out all. Also, most proxy sites disappear regularly. This proxy service is different. We host it on high grade equipment in cluster configuration. Even at peak times we are running at full speed. We have been running continuously for a long time and have no plans on closing down any time soon. We recommend you add this site to your bookmarks and have fun.
Online Dictionary - Lookup the meaning of a word or sign up for the Word of the day... is a leading source for downloads, providing the 'digital fuel' that brings technology to life, including software, music and games. is a thriving community and marketpalce for digital-content distribution. On a monthly basis, tens of millions of people turn to the site to discover free-to-try, legal downloads for business or pleasure. Editorial reviews and ratings, user opinions, most popular, and suggestions are available to help the user choose the right download.
The (also known as domain name was registered in June 1999, after I discovered the web was a terrible place to get information on broadband availability. At first I built the site and ran it off my home DSL line. Eventually the demands of keeping the site going required a proper dedicated set of servers, and a small office. Our internet connection in the office is a DSL line, although our servers are now located at an ISP (, thanks to them for our discount bandwidth) and (a couple of clan servers). How do you survive? We have very low overheads, and are independent of investors and other distractions. Our mission is to provide a great source of information on broadband, and a place where people can get advice without press release hype or sales pressure.
 Dynamic Drive
dhtml scripts for the real world! Welcome to Dynamic Drive, the Number 1 place on the net to obtain free, original DHTML and Javascripts to enhance your web site!
 Free Internet Faxing
Fax text for free using your browser...
 free translation
Free translation of text and webpages. Convert from/to several different languages.
 Guild FTP Server
GuildFTPd is an FTP server for the Windows operating system. FTPd? FTPd stands for File Transfer Protocol deamon, meaning it acts as a server for the FTP protocol, rather than a client; The 'd' is lower case, to not get associated with FTP. GuildFTPd is the #1 FTP server for Windows, you have made the right choice. GuildFTPd is FREEWARE. GuildFTPd was created by Steve Poulsen to provide a large feature FTP server that supported mIRC scripting. Steve is the original creator of GuildFTPd and first released it in 1997. Steve has helped to maintain the core code and functionality of the server. In 2000, Steve began to pursue his advancing career and left the full-time programming team of GuildFTPd.
 Hamachi (Free VPN)
LogMeIn Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking (VPN) application. In other words Hamachi is a program that allows you to arrange multiple computers into their own secure network just as if they were connected by a physical network cable. Hamachi is fast, secure and simple. Its core version is also free.
Share your pictures online via and IM type client...
 Hoax Busters
Interspersed among the junk mail and spam that fills our Internet e-mail boxes are dire warnings about devastating new viruses, Trojans that eat the heart out of your system, and malicious software that can steal the computer right off your desk. Added to that are messages about free money, children in trouble, and other items designed to grab you and get you to forward the message to everyone you know. Most all of these messages are hoaxes or chain letters. While hoaxes do not automatically infect systems like a virus or Trojan, they are still time consuming and costly to remove from all the systems where they exist. At CIAC, we find that we spend much more time de-bunking hoaxes than handling real virus and Trojan incidents. These pages describe some of the warnings, offers, and pleas for help that are filling our mailboxes, clogging our mailservers, and that generally do not have any basis in fact.
 HP Learning Center
Expand your knowledge base with a FREE online course. If you have never been to the HP Learning Center before, please take a few seconds to register and our system will automatically recognize you in the future. Look for the ‘Hello’ in the navigation links under the HP logo on the left side of the page as confirmation that you have been signed in. Note: The HP Learning Center uses a cookie to recognize you the next time you visit the site. This cookie is not used for any other purpose, or to gather any other information about you or your behavior while on the site.
 Lorem Ipsum
WHAT IS LOREM IPSUM? Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged. It was popularised in the 1960s with the release of Letraset sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum.
Sign onto your IM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber or Google Talk account all at one place online. This is a really nice web site to sign on to your favorite chat tool without installing any software.
Megaproxy® is an easy to use, affordable next-generation Web SSL VPN service. If you have a modern web browser and an Internet connection, you can experience the benefits of the Megaproxy® Web SSL VPN service anywhere, anytime by following these simple steps: 1. Go to 2. Enter the URL address in the Megaproxy® provided web form 3. Click Surf That's it! You are off and running on the fastest and most reliable Internet platform available. Enjoy!
ABOUT MX LOOKUP This test will list MX records for a domain in priority order. The MX lookup is done directly against the domain's authoritative name server, so changes to MX Records should show up instantly. You can click Diagnostics, which will connect to the mail server, verify reverse DNS records, perform a simple Open Relay check and measure response time performance. You may also check each MX record (IP Address) against 147 DNS based blacklists. (Commonly called RBLs, DNSBLs) is our attempt to help in the fight against spam. Find out if a mail server is on the blacklist or even have your own mail server checked for open relay status
Enter a 6 to 10 digit phone number and we'll show you what words and phrases your phone number spells to help you decide if you want to keep it. 1. Enter a full phone number and see what words and phrases it spells, -or- 2. Enter the start of a phone number and see what words start with those digits, -or- 3. Enter some letters and see (and even dial) the corresponding phone number
Powered by Google, this tool allows you to organize/browse the files on your computer and then upload/share them with users of the's messaging client...
 Rex Swain URL Headers
See exactly what an HTTP request returns to your browser
 Site Up-Time Monitor
SiteUptime helps you eliminate downtime by providing free and advanced remote monitoring services for your website. When your website goes down, we notify you instantly via email so that you may fix problems before they cost your e-business money, customers or reputation. In addition, our service provides detailed statistics about your website's availability and response times so that you can track how often your site is down. Our Multi-Check technology allows us to monitor your website from diverse geographic regions to ensure that your website is accessible from multiple Internet points. Each monitoring location, operating independently and time-synchronized, tests your website and reports the results to a central database. Before alerting you of a problem, our software verifies the error with multiple stations. Therefore, you are notified about problems that you have control over and not about isolated Internet outages.
 Text to Speech
Interactive Multi-Lingual Demo. Enter text, choose a voice, then click the SPEAK button. TTS technology can be useful whenever a computerized application needs to communicate with a customer or user, and so is especially useful in telephone services. Though recorded material still provides the highest quality, recordings are often impractical due to cost or time constraints.
Check out the latest weather!
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