WMOZE [Date Posted: 05/24/2003]
Rebekah Elaine Mosemann
Our third child, Rebekah Elaine Mosemann, was born 23:03 on 5/23/03! She's got that whole 3 thing going on . It was a long day ... Lisa's water broke at 6:15am and was having real minor contractions. I called off work and contacted grandma Mosemann and she came and picked up the kids around 11:00ish. The contractions were still the same so Lisa & I just hung around the house and played Mille Borne and then Lisa walked around for a couple of hours trying to bring on some more serious contractions.

After 3 hours passed and still no real contractions to speak of we decided to head into the hospital. After going through new patient registration at the hospital we were finally in a room by around 4:00. They checked Lisa and she was only 2 cm dilated and her cervix was about 50% effaced (thinned out).

6:00pm came and went and still no contractions to write home about. The doc decided to induce and around 6:30 she had an IV in place and Petocin was being released at about 6ml ... after 1/2 an hour they bumped up the rate to 12ml and then we started to get somewhere. They finally bumped her up to 15ml and left it at that the until Rebekah was born. She was 10cm and ready to push at 10:50 and it seemed like after 4 or 5 pushes, at 11:03pm, out she came! She was 7lb's 10oz and 21 1/2 inches long. We can't get over how much hair she has! Spent 11:30 to 12:00 on the phone with grandparents and friends... I finally went home and crashed at around 1:00am and Lisa said she was able to get a shower and was in bed by 2:00am.

Lisa was great as always ... I'm always so proud of her! The nurse said that if the mom up the hall would have had the determination/focus Lisa did, she would have given birth a lot sooner! Special thanks goes to Tammy our first nurse, and Cindy the mid-wife on duty, who made us feel comfortable and got things kicked off. We also would like to say thanks to Valarie/Pam McClelland who then took over. Valerie was great at making Lisa and I both as comfortable as possible. Also special thanks goes out to Gretta Conrad, an old friend of ours who happened to be on duty and was the nurse who discharged us!

Today was a blur... I've uploaded a ton of pictures from today.
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